About Us


About Us


We are an innovative company with the goal to help Africans in diaspora maximise their remittances in their home countries to achieve various goals. We understand the perception challenge that Africans in diaspora are wealthy and the diversion of funds that greet many plans to invest back home. We are changing the narrative and adopting creative strategies to help with meaningful investments back home.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the lead organisation that will help Africans put their remittances into productive use in their home countries without the fear of being swindled.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to excellently attend to every client’s requests at all times.

What we do

We offer Errand Services to Africans in diaspora to help them maximise their remittances back home and carryout legal tasks that may otherwise require our client to travel. We eliminate the fear or possibilities of being swindled or overcharged by carrying out tasks for our clients based on verified cost with a token service charge. We partner with competent hands in satisfying your needs.



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