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Our Errand Services

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We offer a wide range of services to sooth your needs

01. General Service Errands

Whatever errand you want us to help you run, you only need to think of it and we will make it happen.

02. Real Estate Errands

Planning to invest in real estate back home? We can make your dreams a reality. For acquisition of new properties; supervision of construction works; monitoring of on-going or abandoned projects; sales, purchase, rent or lease; let us take the worry off you by running all your real estate errands.

03. Academic Errands

Services are available to assist in processing academic transcripts, certificates and other issues relating to client’s alma mata or that of loved ones. For those who want their children to experience schooling in their home country, we facilitate expert recommendations to aid their choices.

04. Automobile Errands

For those who want to send automobiles home for use, as gifts or for sale, we can facilitate the processes and advise on best-selling brands in your home country. Clearing services are also available for your vehicles.

05. Nupital Errands

Weddings are beautiful! Errands for Africa will be glad to make your wedding or that of your loved ones memorable. We recommend vendors, venues and oversee preparations that will make your day glamorous. We help secure premium services at highly discounted rates.

06. Pickup Errands

Whether it’s you, friends or loved ones traveling back home, we will arrange exquisite cab services on your needs. We can also pickup packages for you and deliver to the final destination in your home country. Escort services are available on request.

07. Car Conversion Errands

Worried about changing Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles to Left Hand Drive (LHD)? Then worry no more. We will link you up with tested and verified auto-mechanics who will deliver excellence on your budget.

08. Surprise Errands

Do you want to surprise your loved ones back home? Let’s add a touch of brilliance to your ideas and make memories that will last for a lifetime. We can help execute your plans or design our own innovative moves from scratch. How we love surprises!

09. Celebration Errands

Planning special days, anniversaries, funerals and all forms of celebration back home just got easier. Let’s take the stress off you and make every inch of your celebration better than you have imagined. What’s life without celebrations?

10. Tour Errands

Guidance on tourist attractions and relaxation spots are available. We provide information on security, local dishes, tour companies and lots more.

11. Accommodation Errands

Contact us for all your accommodation needs whether short, medium or long term; in hotels or homely settings.

Needs Are Infinite

Errands for Africa is flexible enough to accommodate all your requests even at short notice. If you can think it, we can help you achieve it.

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